A pieceful drop of green

A pieceful drop of green

Monday, June 20, 2011


Blue is the colour of my soul
Blue is the colour of my heart-beat
The day as it goes, does let repeat
The mindless thoughts
About sundry and you

Blue colour washes my eyes
As drops of salty-blueness slip my throat,
But as I heed to the randomness
Of my skipping pulse,
My soul smiles at me from inside
At the jest that is life.

The smile reaches my heart
Giving it a new life
It begins to smile back
At its oblivion of other colours around
It grows and glows
Sees the blueness fade away
Ushering an era of warmer hues


This maze is full of surprises
Each time I set foot in it…
On its walls, it disguises
A map that talks to me…

This map tells me where I began
And tells me how I came upon this post
It tells me of that careless journey
Which promised me the world and more…
Oh, and doesn’t shy away from telling
All of which I avoid or abhor…

How in the abhorrence lies, I discover,
My quest for something that I loved…
How in the avoidance lies, I nod,
My quest for all that I desired and believed…

This map on the wall lies, I say
This map on the wall cries, I hear,
It lies of my follies, of my conjecture
Of my nightmares and of those abuses….
It cries of my blunders, my naivety,
The disillusions and the bruises…


And then, thinking of you today
I followed the maze of past
And there you were, sitting across from me,
How I wanted it to last...

But this time the confession I heard,
Was turning to a plea,
A plea unto you
A plea unto myself
A plea that begs our cocoons to crumble

Crumble under the feet of time
And mingle with the sands of this space
The sand, I heard my prayer say,
Might then mould itself in a fortress
Around our freshly bared souls
To restrain their escape from this unity

And the notion of that unity, struck me with the truth
Almost as if I walked into a wall of that maze
A maze where I left some question,
some exclamation and then some random punctuation…
The same maze, which somehow knows how to find me
And shows me the way to find you…