A pieceful drop of green

A pieceful drop of green

Monday, June 20, 2011


This maze is full of surprises
Each time I set foot in it…
On its walls, it disguises
A map that talks to me…

This map tells me where I began
And tells me how I came upon this post
It tells me of that careless journey
Which promised me the world and more…
Oh, and doesn’t shy away from telling
All of which I avoid or abhor…

How in the abhorrence lies, I discover,
My quest for something that I loved…
How in the avoidance lies, I nod,
My quest for all that I desired and believed…

This map on the wall lies, I say
This map on the wall cries, I hear,
It lies of my follies, of my conjecture
Of my nightmares and of those abuses….
It cries of my blunders, my naivety,
The disillusions and the bruises…

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