A pieceful drop of green

A pieceful drop of green

Monday, June 20, 2011


And then, thinking of you today
I followed the maze of past
And there you were, sitting across from me,
How I wanted it to last...

But this time the confession I heard,
Was turning to a plea,
A plea unto you
A plea unto myself
A plea that begs our cocoons to crumble

Crumble under the feet of time
And mingle with the sands of this space
The sand, I heard my prayer say,
Might then mould itself in a fortress
Around our freshly bared souls
To restrain their escape from this unity

And the notion of that unity, struck me with the truth
Almost as if I walked into a wall of that maze
A maze where I left some question,
some exclamation and then some random punctuation…
The same maze, which somehow knows how to find me
And shows me the way to find you…


  1. Beautifully expressed! I was momentarily immersed in the world of colours you painted ... (DB)

  2. Thank you Deepanjali - that was the intent :)
    Really appreciate it :)

  3. Shared it on my twitter page, keep 'em coming sugar.
    Keep me posted, soon you would complete your VIBGYor
    God Bless

    1. Too kind you are Mon! :) and twitter?! gives me the jitters :)
      Anyhoo, shall hope to reach the 'R' too...lots of love xoxo